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Call Us Today!
(214) 528-5535


Serving the Local DFW Community Since 1998
My name is Christian Harrison: Owner of Fitness Essentials. Here at Fitness Essentials we are like a GNC on steroids but at wholesale prices! We carry all name brand supplements with no private label garbage to make up margins! We have something for everyone! We cater to the hardcore extreme athletes, fitness trainers, pros and mom and pop.
Getting in shape is no laughing matter, especially as the energy levels of youth start to fade away. Maintaining a healthy diet and exercising regularly are enough for some, but others want more, and their bodies might have a hard time keeping up. Contact us today to see how we can help!


If diet and exercise simply aren’t helping you get to the level of physical fitness you desire, try adding some of our sports nutrition products into the mix!

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Come down and browse our shelves or just give us a call at and find out about all of our latest products. Our staff is here to make you feel better.

Call Us Today • (214) 528-5535

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